Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012! A new year means a clean slate!  Not that Stephane and I had a bad year last year, our slate was pretty clean, but boy oh boy was it full of memorous occasions.  I can't wait for another year of amazing memories!

We rang in the New Year as a complete family, as we offered to take Robin!  We knew that both boys would be in bed early, and that Stephane and I might not be too far behind them, as we were all sick.  But, Stephane and I didn't manage to make it until 12:10 I think!  LOL!!! YAY for us!

All New Year's Eve day Stephane and Robin played games on the Wii.  Robin I think is addicted to bowling!!  It's so cute to watch him bowl too, and sometimes he does better than Daddy!  They also played a few other games, while I did some things around the house and took care of Dallin.  They took a slight break to help me take down the Christmas tree, and then were back at it again.  I got to test out my new video camera Stephane bought me for Christmas and it worked perfectly! 

Dallin watching Robin golf
We had finger food for dinner after Dallin went to bed and played some of Robin's new games he got for Christmas.  He loves the memory game, he didn't quite understand what you were supposed to do at first.  But, oh man look out, because now he just whips the cards over and you've got to be really quick to see them! 

After Robin went to bed, Stephane and I washed bottles and played Cribbage.  WOOHOO!!! Such the party animals we are!  We rang in another year together, and as always, it there is nothing like ringing in the new year with the one you love.  It puts a twinkle in your eye and wraps your heart in the warmest hug! 

New Year's Day was very entertaining.  We took Robin home around 2ish, and as Dallin and I were waiting in the car for Daddy to come back, suddenly the back door opens and Robin's back, with tears in his eyes.  He didn't want to go home just yet.  He wanted to stay another night with Daddy!  So, back home we went.  For another afternoon of bowling and games!

January 2, 2012 there was a free skate at the local arena that I promised Robin we'd take him too!  My parents got him some new skates for Christmas and I wanted him to be able to use them right away.  So, there's no better way than taking him to the Tim Horton's free skate!!!

It was an amazing afternoon, Stephane wasn't feeling well, so while Dallin had his afternoon nap, I took Robin skating.  As I was getting his skates on, Robin was frantically waving to someone, and I had no idea who he would know out in New Hamburg.  As I turned around I saw Aunt Jennie and Uncle Eric!  That was quite a surprise!  Robin could hardly contain himself!  As soon as he stepped on the ice, I barely had time to say hello and Uncle Eric had his arms around Robin saying lets go!  It was awesome to see that!  I cannot find words to tell you how I felt!  It was priceless!  So, I whipped out the video camera and video taped my big boy's first time skating! 

When I took over, Robin was bound and determined to do it on his own!  Unfortunately all the bars were in use, so my back was set to suffer a little.  I was there to catch him every step of the way.  Near the end of the hour he was actually skating on his own for a little bit.  He had to remember to lean forward and go slow.  He also had to remember to look straight ahead instead of watching what everyone else was doing.  He's quite notorious for that!  Eventually we did get a red bar and he made it one lap around the ice before he was ready for his hot chocolate!  I was so proud of him! I wished that Daddy could have been there to see him, but Aunt Jennie and Uncle Eric were perfect!  I did call them later to thank them again, it meant a lot to me!

The rest of the afternoon Robin and I went out for lunch and got the promised hot chocolate and then went home and spent time with Daddy and Dallin! 

Our year started off with some very amazing moments!  We can only hope your year is filled with lots of love, happiness and above all memories!  Cherish whatever memories you make, as we will cherish ours!  We wish you all much joy and health!  You are always in our thoughts, and I hope you continue to follow along, as you watch Dallin in his first year! 

Love, hugs and kisses!

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