Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cereal Anyone???

It seems that as the days go boy gets messier and messier as he eats his cereal.  I have taken to feeding him with nothing but a diaper on.  If he would sit in the reclined chair it would definitely be easier...but son thinks he's a big boy and wants to sit like a big boy in the high chair.  This definitely makes feeding cereal a little different!  About half way through I give up altogether trying to keep his hands outta his mouth!

He's a kid...he's supposed to get dirty, that's what baths are for!!!  LOL!!! But, I'm so glad he loves his cereal! He almost loves his cereal more than his Bubba...but not quite! 

There's nothing like watching your child grow before your very eyes, especially while you are watching him develop his tastes buds and learn his chewing techniques. 

For now, I'll enjoy these messy moments, as soon I won't have them.  And I'll mostly enjoy those extra sweet moments we spend together in the bubbles, splashing and swimming and squealing with delight.  These are the moments that will grow as my boy does, these are the moments I need to cherish forever!

Love, hugs and kisses to all!

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