Friday, 30 December 2011

Dallin's First Christmas

Our baby boy celebrated his first Christmas this year.  He was 3 months and 2 weeks old.  So, he didn't really understand anything that was going on.  All he knew was that he liked the lights, the bright coloured paper and the Christmas shows on tv! 

This year we had Robin for Christmas as well, so it was definitely exciting time in our household.  Last year Stephane and I went from having a quiet Christmas to utter choas!  Funny how things work. 

Christmas Eve saw the arrival of Aunti Mani, Uncle Mike, and their new puppy Harley!  boy oh boy, it sure was going to be a busy time.  We enjoyed an afternoon of cards and some festive drinks...not Dallin of course, but the adults.  Then we began taking our annual Christmas Eve photos.  Some we had to wait for Robin, but we started while Dallin was still somewhat happy!  At 7:00pm we went to pick up Robin and then quickly continued with the rest of the photos. 

This was all new to Robin, Stephane and I; Robin was a little upset, but we got through it together and laid out 9 carrots for the Reindeer, almost as many cookies (until Mom caught him atleast), and a big glass of milk in a Chipmunks cup!  LOL...I love that kid!!!  Then it was off to bed, so Santa could come. 

Now tradition in our house is to go to church.  This year was going to be interesting having both boys with us.  But, I was determined either way to get to church, if I had to take them with me or not.  But, Uncle Mike wasn't feeling well, so that solved the problem.  He chose to babysit and away we went to once again here the story of Jesus' birth.  I love Christmas Eve service.  I love singing those oh so familiar carols that tell the wonderful story of our saviour.  Not to mention the special family time we get to spend together during a perfect candlelit service. 

This was also the first year that Santa would truly be visiting our house.  There was lots to do! In the end everything was perfect!  Robin was going to be so excited!  The carrots were gone, the cookies mostly gone and the milk gone.  Rudolph even left a few Santa claimed he couldn't make it out in time (really they were just chocolate covered Ju-Jubes).  LOL...Robin thought that was just hilarious.  Yes, I know...the things we teach our children!  But, it's all in good fun!

Christmas morning couldn't have been any more perfect!  A little choatic...ok...maybe a lot chaotic, but perfect just the same.  Dallin was up at 4:45, gave him his bottle he went back to bed at 5:15am.   My tired little man missed most of Christmas morning, but was up again at he got to experience a little of it.  But, Robin was priceless.  Now, my mom likes to open one present at a time and I thought for sure Robin was not going to be happy with that.   It took him two turns to actually get it and then he was excited to tell everyone whose turn it was. 

4 hours later, the tree was empty, the floor was a mess and I was completely exhausted.  But, everything was perfect for my boys!!! That's all that matters.  That and the fact that our entire family was together, minus Baby Clarke, who isn't born yet. 

As the morning came to an end, the paper and boxes in the garbage, some Christmas presents Santa left behind had to be used as Robin wanted a game of hockey (really Doug wanted it more...but shhhh).  Luckily Santa brought hockey sticks!  I think  a new tradition was born, as the Christmas morning hockey game got under way!  Everyone, even Dallin and Harley were playing...minus me as someone had to take pictures. 

They say Christmas is a time for family, and that was accomplished!  Can't wait to do it all again next year.

Merry Christmas one and all!  Enjoy your day with family and friends, in whatever part of the world you maybe or however you celebrate the season!  Enjoy!

Hugs, love and kisses


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