Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Dallin loves his storytime!

Daddy's Little Storytime Pumpkin

Our little town library has a great selection of programs for babies and toddlers and is 8 weeks long.  The program we go to is called Just for Babies, and it runs from ages 0-12 months.  Dallin started when he was 3 weeks old and is the youngest baby there. 

As the weeks have gone on Dallin has grown a lot.  He has favourite songs and now that he is getting a little personality it's quite funny to watch him.  His first two sessions he slept right through them, and rightfully so, he was a tiny little thing.  But, now he's wide eyed and ready for the songs.  He loves to lay on his back and watch the other children, then half way through he likes to sit up and interact with the different songs.  His favourite song thus far is I'm a Little Tea Pot.

I' m a Little Tea Pot!!!

The program is excellent and does an amazing job at promoting literacy at such a young age. Every week we go we get a different book or cd, and the cost was free to us! So, we have an amazing oppourtunity to build our library and create Dallin's love for singing and reading.  I don't have a picture of my little Stinky Bum at story time, but here's a few pictures just for your enjoyment!

Mommy and Me

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