Thursday, 2 February 2012

Laryngomalacia...our little boy's struggle

When our children are born they are nothing but perfect in our eyes!  10 tiny fingers wrapped tightly around yours, 10 little toes that are absolutely perfect in your eyes, and you gaze in wonderment at the miracle you have brought into this world.  You will go to all lengths to protect them from anything. 

Our journey with Laryngomalacia began around Thanksgiving of 2011 when we got back from our Turkey weekend at the trailer.  About a week later our lil man caught a cold and it seemed he was forever getting rid of the cough and he always sounded like he had wheezy or laboured breathing.  Out of concern I booked a doctor's appointment.  Now Dallin has always had funny breathing and to us that was normal, we didn't know there would be anything wrong. 

By the time we saw the doctor in the beginning of November, we ended up being hospitalized for what they believed was an RSV virus or bronchiolitis.  Neither of which he had, but the treatments they provided him definitely helped.  It wasn't until the next week, when we arrived back at emerg again, that they tried a different approach.  They still did his treatments, but they also called for the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist to come in and have a peek.  Upon his departure it was discovered that Dallin had been diagnosed with Laryngomalacia.  Nothing life threatening, by any means but the road ahead for the next 2 years atleast is going to be long and most likely "gravel with big potholes"  LOL, as I like to put it!

Laryngomalacia simply put means floppy trachea, so when Dallin breathes his trachea collapses where a normal baby's would expand.  So it makes eating and breathing a little difficult and if he gets sick, than it makes things a lot more difficult.  

Laryngomalacia: The epiglottis is small and curled
Laryngomalacia: The epiglottis is small and curled on itself (omega-shaped). Approximation of the posterior edges of the epiglottis contributes to the inspiratory obstruction.

So far to date,  he's been hospitalized twice and has had 3 colds in his short 4.5 months.  The winter has been against us from the start, with the fluctuating temperatures, it's hard to keep the germs out.  You can only disinfect things so much, and I have since taken to disinfecting twice a day.  I refuse to keep my son in a bubble because he might get sick, but at the same time I try to stay indoors as much as possible, while he gets over whatever virus he has at the time. 

We were back at the hospital the other day as something wasn't right.  It's pretty bad when the local hospital knows you and your child by name.  But, I'd rather him be there and nothing be wrong than be at home and something terrible be wrong.  Turns out is was nothing really, until we got home and confirmed ourselves that our son has a intolerance to lactose.  We had just started a new box of cereal, the "Just Add Water" kind.  It's just add water because the milk products are formulated into the cereal.  No wonder he wasn't right...poor little guy's tummy was hurting!  So, now on top of Laryngomalacia, we now have to keep an eye on everything that enters his mouth as well. 

So, the next two years while he grows out of his Laryngomalacia (hopefully), maybe he'll be one of the lucky ones and grow out of his milk allergy!  But, for now we'll live and learn and have fun in the process.  Nothing beats having a we will not dwell on this.  We will take it one day at a time, and keep on truckin' like we always do!  We will be fortunate that it is nothing worse and pray for those who struggle daily!  We may not know you, but our prayers are with you. 

Love, hugs and kisses to all